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February 23, 2012

URL too long? Download my TinyURL!™ app :)
TinyURL is a URL shortening service, a web service that provides short aliases for redirection of long URLs. Kevin Gilbertson, a web developer, launched the service in January 2002 so that he would be able to link directly to newsgroup postings that frequently had long and cumbersome addresses.

The TinyURL homepage includes a form that’s used to submit a long URL for shortening. For each URL entered, the server adds a new alias in its hashed database and returns a short URL such as http://tinyurl.com/yoqh2w in the following page. If the URL has already been requested, TinyURL will return the existing alias rather than create a duplicate entry. The short URL forwards users to the long URL.

How to install :

1.Download and install Qt Web Runtime
2.Install TinyUrl
for Nokia N900


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